The Big Bang Two

Evening loves. How has your day been? Hope it has been as great as mine. I went shopping for stuff to my room with one of my besties. We had so much fun walking around for hours looking at different things. On our way to the store I was like:
Yeah, I’ll probably buy a pillow or something small“. Of course that didn’t happen –
I ended up buying way more – as always! 

Guess you can imagine it turning into a big problem when it came to get it all in my small cute car which barely fits 2 persons – but thanks to a friend who came to help – I got it all with me home. As you can see on the pictures below – I’ve managed to turn my room into a big mess of clothes. It seriously looks like the big bang 2. So now I’m going to spend some hours organizing all of this chaos. Have a wonderful evening! 


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