Outfits Through The Year

I wanted to share some of my outfits through the year 2012. I had a great time and it all started in London with my best friend – I moved to Cyprus and lived in Stockholm.
I miss all the amazing people I got to know and the places I left behind – but I can always go back which means a lot to me. I became a lot of memories richer and I’m so grateful for it all! Thank you for following me through the year – I really appreciate it

IMG_9054 IMG_9428 IMG_9669 outfit1-4 LH-skirt IMG_9845 Photo on 2012-04-08 at 21.13 #3 closeup27 out2 details17 closeup22 outfit2605 closeup0606 closeup100612 outfit120612-2 Photo on 2012-09-28 at 10.02 #2 wewe copy 3

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