It’s All About Finding Out Who You Want To Be

Time flies by so far, and it’s already a new year. It’s 2013. I know that lately my blogging has gone from bad to worse – so I guess my New Year Resolution will be becoming better at taking pictures and update – but it has been a tough couple of months – and I guess I really needed 2012 to be over. I’ve put it all behind me and I’m ready for whatever’s coming. I hope this year will be a lot better. I will be strong, stronger than last year, stronger than I’ve ever been before, and hold on to everything I stand for and everything I want to do in my life. I wont let anyone break me or push me back down.

On the journey called life we learn something new every day. We learn both right and wrong. We do get to feel on both happiness and sadness. We do get hurt, and at some point we may fall deep down, but still we manage to get on top again. It may take a little while, maybe months, even years, but when we do get on top we’re stronger than ever. Then we know what to do and that we wont make the same mistake twice.

I guess every year we’ll find both good and bad, but sometimes it hurts too much and you wont be able to move on. Not alone. The wounds are burned into your skin, and they wont heel. It can take years until they’re totally heeled and you feel whole again, or at least, this was what happened to me. But in 2012, I finally did heel and it felt great. I was able to move on with my life and start doing what I wanted to do without any tear drop running down my cheek. I followed my dreams and I still do.

It’s all about finding out who you want to be and who you don’t want to be. What you want to do. What you want to achieve. That’s why I’m taking this huge step – going back to school. I’ve decided to finally follow my dreams all the way. So this year I’ll be taking 12 subjects to finish what I started on years ago – so I can apply for medical school next year.

So this year – think about what you really wish for – what is it that you really want? Keep on to the question until you find the answer that you’ve been searching for, and keep fighting for your goals and dreams.

I mean, you can do anything you want to do – if you just believe in yourself.

2012-10-03 01.20.44

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