That Moment

When it comes to life as we know it – or at least how I know it – nothing goes exactly as planned. When you hit rock bottom, it’s all about getting back up on your feet. You may find it extremely hard there and then and there might be a point were you’re about to give up. The truth is that no matter how hard you try – or how much you wish for the pain to go away it won’t! 

Over the years I’ve learned that you cannot run the past. You can’t escape – because somehow the things we seem to run away from always shows up and slap you in the face – no matter what. Running may work for a while, but in the end the past always catches up on us. There comes a point in everyones life when we just have to stop running –
turn around and face it all – head on.

Everyone makes their fair share of mistakes – I mean, who doesn’t? Some of us are pretty lucky gliding through everything situation without lifting a finger – but for the rest of us – there’s a lot we have to face. Admit. Accept. No one’s perfect. 

It hurts to let things and persons you love go, but if it was ever meant to be, they will somehow find their way back. In the future. People always leave. Some choose to follow their dreams. Some are running scared of what may happen, and some just have to move forward. People always get hurt, but it’s nothing you can do about it –
you just have to face that that wasn’t it. 

People seem to come and go in the long journey called life – even if they’re not with you to the future you’ll be a lot of memories richer. You’ll learn. Get stronger. That’s the moment when you’ve figured out how much you’ve really let go. How much you’ve grown. It’s that moment when you can’t look back, and yet, you can’t seem to look too far into the future. It’s that moment when you realize that you’re only living for yourself.

No one else..

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