I Grew Up

What happened to real laugher? Everything we laughed at as a child? As a child I didn’t care how I looked, what to wear, what people thought, or even how other people looked at me when I did something stupid. I could be completely myself without anyone judging me for the hair color, style or make-up.

I miss being a child – without any worries. But the reality is different. Everyone grows up, we don’t have a choice. If it only existed a place like Peter Pan’s “Neverland” – where we could go to experience the childhood – all over again – without a thought of what tomorrow could bring.

Suddenly reality hit me. I started worrying about my looks – and what people thought. Before old men were just old men, but now – old men has become something negative. They stare which makes me feel uncomfortable. Boys were boys – the opposite of a girl which could give me “guttelus“. Then it was no feelings attached. I didn’t have to struggle with heartbreak and relationships. I believed in real love – that we were supposed to live happily ever after when we found the one.

If you’re pretty with a lean body – you’re automatically liked by the opposite sex. Personality also play it’s role – but a boy will turn his head if you just got the looks. As a child – cheating, lies and all the negative stuff was unknown. What I didn’t know was that if you love someone – you can still find others very attractive. I must admit that I liked the unknown chapters a lot more. Everything was so much easier… 

What happened? 
The answer is that I grew up..

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