Home Is Good, But Away Is Better

Hi sweethearts! So I’m back home in Norway, and to be honest it doesn’t feel that wonderful. Everyone’s always saying: “away is good, but home is best“, but for me it’s totally opposite. I love to travel and the whole experience that follows, so to be home and go back to the boring everyday life I’ve lived for a couple of years – isn’t me at all!

I’m already planning where to move next and have started applying for work. I can’t stand the thought of living here and grow old in this city. I’m a big city girl – who has to travel and see the world – so this is just quite depressing to be honest!

I’ve spent the day re-organizing and cleaning my room and it wasn’t a minute to late! I found a lot of old stuff that I’ve been collection for years that I finally managed to toss away! Haha.. and I still need more space for my things – unbelievable!

But I’ve had enough cleaning for one day – now I’m gonna crawl into bed and watch some gossip girl before I’m hitting the pillow. Have a wonderful evening! ❤

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