Who Am I?

Hi loves! Hope you´re all doing super duper! I´ve actually spent the whole day doing errands, and there´s a lot I have to fix before I´m leaving again this weekend already. I don´t know if you remember the robbary situation I managed to get myself into a couple weeks ago, but today it made me angry when I was at the bank to order a new creditcard, (since they took all of them) but it was quite harder than I thought it would be..

I had to show any form of ID which I don´t have – not even a passport, but the lady decided to be kind and gave in after a while. Why do I always get myself into these awkward situations? Haha.. Now I´ve crossed all my fingers that everything´s ready before the weekend. This actually got me thinking – without any form of ID a person´s really screwed (exhuse my french).

Now I´m about to unpack all my Napa clothes and organize all my stuff a little before I´ll catch up on some tv-series that I´ve missed. Nighty ❤

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