Home Sweet Home?

Hi loves! Guess what? I´m finally back home – so now the blogging can begin as usual. It´s been such a long weekend for me. Let´s just say my last night in Cyprus was pretty rough – I´d managed to catch two hours of light sleep before I had a plane to catch..

When I´d finally made it there my mom called and told me there were no avalible plane tickets from Oslo to Bergen (my luck as usual) so I had to stay in the capital for one day, but today I made it all the way home in one piece. Now I´m in bed totally exhausted and my whole body hurts, but from tomorrow on I can´t be on the lazy side anymore – I´ve only got 5 days to fix everything before I´m on the move again..

People always say´s “Away is Good but Home is Better” but for me – that´s totally opposite – I absolutely love to travel and I can´t wait to get away again.. but now I seriously need to catch up on some sleep.. Nighty!

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