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I thought I’d remind you of different places you can follow me, so it will be easier for you to stay up to date with pictures I’m posting that I don’t have time to share with you on my blog. Today I’ve added 2 more connections to my blog – both twitter and instagram. I’m pretty active outside of the blog as well – as you probably will notice!

If you want to get all my new blogposts in your feed you can click here to follow me.

Click here to follow me on Twitter. All my published blogposts goes automatic to my account. I’m also posting random everyday stuff like photos and cute quotes.

Be sure to add me on Instagram if you want to see more photos and a little more of my everyday life. Username – Linnhovik. I’ve become obssesed with this great app and I would love to follow you back. If you got it, please let me know..

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