Guide – The Classic Handbag

I guess every woman dreams of her own designer handbag to carry, but few can afford the hefty price tag of these stunning bags. You have to choose a bag where your hard earned money will be absolutely well spent. Designer handbags are classic symbols of taste and elegance, and I would love to have them all if I could.

Are you considering getting a designer bag and don’t know which one to splurge on? I’ve made a little collage of the most classic bags of all time for you to enjoy;

2 thoughts on “Guide – The Classic Handbag

  1. Chanel. Always and forever. Funny thing happened when I read this post. I showed my mother the Chanel bag with a side comment on when I’m a rich lady that’s what I’ll be carrying. Her immediate response, “Oh, I have that bag in the attic.” Of course my jaw dropped and I begged her for it, yet she remains strongly opposed telling me I can have it when she dies. Awful.

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