BB Creams

You’ve probably noticed BB creams also known as beauty balm popping up in all your favorite makeup stores or online. It seems like every different brand has their own version of this cream now a days – all from Garnier to department store mainstays such as Estée Lauder and Clinique.

I read an article about it and the cream is meant to take the place of your daily lotion, primer, SPF, serum and foundationsounds to good to be true, right? I decided to try one myself, and I went for Garnier’s – and the results are truly eye-opening. My skin looks great and doesn’t dry out. BB creams must be the most usefull have-to-have this summer. Your make-up routine will get significantly shortened and your skin will look natural and  be soft. It’s perfect for every single occasion. 

My best tip to you will be to find one that offers the benefits your skin needs – never be tempted to go for one that’s too dark or too light – make sure to get as close to your skin tone as possible because these creams blend so well into your own skin.

In the end I bought Garnier’s 02 light – and I only paid around 70 NOK.
Look around for the right one  – there’s something for everyone.

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