Order Is Never Observed; It’s Disorder That Attracts Attention Because It’s Awkward And Intrusive.

Good morning, sweeties! Or for me – that sounds totally wrong. I haven’t slept for a day because my day rhythm has become totally messed up. My body has seriously gotten lack of sleep lately, and it’s so hard to turn that around. So I’ve decided that today’s the day to change this craziness. I just have to stay awake for 16 more hours – hopefully that will do it!

I’m also sorry for my absent on the blog last week, but I’ve developed a form of mental stress disorder – so this is why I haven’t been posting any outfits or everyday related stuff.  I’ve had to put all my attention and energy on get better.

I hope you guys understands (or I know you do) and I’ll try to continue my blogging as usual from this day on. Have a wonderful morning dears ❤

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