I’ll Never Give Up On Love

Hurt. It isn’t easy to life in today’s reality. Far from easy. No matter how happy you are, you’ll meet a bump in the road. Grief. Pain. Fear of losing something or someone you hold so dear – but you can’t escape it. We have made choices from the day we were born. Maybe others have made the decisions for us, but yet it’s the road we choose to go.

If I had the chance to go back, there would be a lot of things I would have done differently. I can honestly admit that it hasn’t been easy. It has been painful. Difficult. You and I were the best thing happening – you got me back on my feet again when I thought my dark days wouldn’t have an ending. When everyone else went in a totally different direction, it was you who stood by my side and told me how valuable I was.

It’s difficult to explain when I don’t find the words. I can’t give you everything, but you know I’d do my best. I never thought love could feel like that. I’ve said so much, but this is true. Love at first sight is hard to forget. If I had the chance I would have shown you the best of me – the person I’ve hid inside. We didn’t listen to our hearts – but to what everyone else said. I wish you could be me for a day, so you could feel what I feel right now. It’s all gonna be okayeventually. But right now, it all seems so quiet.

Who did I try to fool? I knew all along that it once had to end like this. It’s over now and I feel weak. There’s a place in my heart that’s hurting when I think of the memories we once shared. Don’t let me fall over the edge. This were supposed to be the start of something good – I had a dream and it didn’t end  this way.

That I was special, was it just something you said? Not a day goes by that I don’t think why things suddenly turned and went from good to bad. It wasn’t suppose to be like this. Not at all. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I exaggerated – but it felt so right, so where did it all go so wrong? I’ve learned that love is not to be trusted. Everything may seem perfect, and the next day it’s gone. Some are more important than others, and I just have to realize that I was not one of them – for you. I’ve tired to fix it, but I can’t bear it anymore. My heart is falling to pieces, step by step. But there’s nothing more to do when I only exists in your past!

You’re now living your life, and I live mine. It hurts to lose the person you really share everything with. You were my best friend. We could talk about everything. All the memories we shared, have you forgotten every single one of them? I want the moments with you again, when I looked at you and you smiled and laughed back at me. When I look at you now, you look the other way like we never knew each other. It hurts. You’re not the person that you used to be, the one I want who wanted me and that’s a shame, but there’s only so many tears that you can cry, and I honestly can’t go on this way. I’m letting go of everything we were, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It does. Now that it’s all said and done, I can’t believe you where the one to build me up to break me even more down. What you said and did only left me alone teared up without a breath!

© Written by Linn Høvik

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