I’m Not Afraid

Why is there so much mountains to climb? When you’ve finally reached the top, you’ll fall back down again. If you ever loved me, you wouldn’t have treated me the way you did. Someone who’s only there when you want and need me. What about the days I need you? I’ve felt exploited. Unimportant. I thought deep down that things would work out in time, but it didn’t. I thought that this time it would go well, as you promised me. How wrong could I be? I thought you were worth it, but now I know – I deserve better.
No one deserve to feel the way I’ve felt.

I’ve second guessed everything you’ve said to me. Have you ever meant a word? Or was I just one of all the others? If you really loved me as much as you said, why did you break me down? I’ve always believed that we could get as good together as in the beginning. Was it ever real, or were you acting it all out? You suddenly became a different person. A person I can no longer say I know. So I’ll move on. I have no other choice. I must do what’s best for me, and this time I will. You’ve changed completely.

All the good memories are gone. They disappeared in a cloud of fog. They no longer exist. The only thing that still remains in my head is all the negative stuff you’ve told me. For a long time people have tried to tell me to move on. To let go and forget about you. I wouldn’t listen, but now, nothing seems more clear to me. The last weeks I’ve felt so happy. Free. I’ve just jumped right into things. I’ve done whatever I’ve wanted to do. I have for once been happy. So in one wayI want to thank you, for making me a much stronger person.

Today don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I hope it’s something good. I lost a big part of me to you. If I’ll ever get it back, no one will know. I lost myself, but I found a better person. What remains is all the positive things I thought I’d lost. The negative part I left with you. Now I’m ready to take another step into the world. Live my life. Restart. You’re not the same person any more, but neither am I.

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