Creepy Night

Last night my bestie and I drove to the well known mental institution “Lier” which was abandoned and shut down in 1986. It’s the most creepiest place I’ve ever been. There’s been many stories about this place, and the weirdest part is that all the furnitures, journals and equipments’ still laying around. Some of the sickest persons were admitted here, and they also used lobotomy. What really happend? It supposed to be hunted?!

My besties pictures turned out well, but when it was my turn to try – they all came up very weird. They’re all white and they were like foggy. I totally freaked out, and I had to sleep with the light on. I tried to edit them clearer in photoshop, but that only freaked me more. It’s like a shadow or something in the pictures. For me, it looks like a man standing there – but it’s probably just my wild imagination running wild. I managed to save one, before I tossed the computer away. No more editing for me!

Before editing: After editing:

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