New Week

Hi sweeties! I’ve been having some problems this weekend – the editing and writing area on wordpress is totally blank – so I’m not able to watch what I’m writing, unless I preview it! Stress… But I’ve decided to blog anyway!

Sundays are not fun-days, at least not in my eyes. I kind of hate them. Probably because everything’s closed and everyone’s hangover, like me. Yesterday was fun and I had a blast meeting everyone again! So today I’ve done absolutely nothing, except from playing The Sims. Problems? Indeed! What else to do when there’s crappy stormy weather outside? My stomach is full of pizza and chips from both yesterday and today, so I’m feeling a bit sick and I seriously look pregnant!

Thank God it’s monday tomorrow. New week. New changes. I’ll definitely not be eating this kind of crap anymore. It’s not worth it – not at all! Have a great evening guys!

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