In My Purse

Guess I’m not the only girl feeling completely naked without a purse? I constantly carry one with me at all time, no matter where I’m going. The good part is that you can fit almost anything and everything you need in it. My number one priority is my blackberry. I don’t go anywhere without my very ”best friend”. It’s weird how addicted you can get to an electronic device. Have you ever left it at home and felt the urge to go all the way back to get it? At least that’s how I feel.

The second most important thing I always bring is my favorite wallet of all time – from Claudio Ferrici – it’s so pratical! You have space for all your cards, coins and receipts – and still there’s even more space for other things. My canon camera, eos and Ysl lipsticks are other must-have in my purse.

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