Home Sweet Home

Hi sweeties! I’ve just moved to Bergen after spending seven incredible months in Oslo, so I’ve been kind of busy these last couple of days. It’s unbelievable how much stuff you can get in a car. When I see all the suitcases, bags and boxes I can’t believe all that stuff actually fitted. The entire floor in the hallway is covered and we can bearly enter the house. Earlier I went to Ikea to buy some new things, so I’ve spent the whole day redecorating – I even painted my room. Hoping to get everything organized and in place by tomorrow, but the sight of it tells me this will take awhile…

One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hei vennen! Så synd at du har flyttet tilbake til Bergen da 😦 Dumt du ikke sa ifra og at jeg måtte finne det ut på denne måten… Du var jo i Oslo for bare en uke siden, så var ikke forberedt på at du skulle flytte nå, selv om jeg lenge har tenkt at du kom til å gjøre det. Lykke til da!

    xoxo celine

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