Lifestyle Change

Since I’ve gotten a few questions about my workout and diet habits I’ve decided to share them with you guys, so I hope this will help you out a little. If you’ve been reading my blog since I first started you know about me follow the South-Beach diet a year ago. I decided to start on this diet because I was taking some medication that made me tired and therefor I gain weight. A lot. I did loose 15 kg in about 6 months with strong motivation mixed with the right kind of dieting and exercise.

After moving to the US my lifestyle totally changed. Good habits turned into bad ones. I started eating a lot of fastfood and things that are consided as bad unhealthy food, but it was so hard to keep a strict diet when there were so much new and exciting food  I’d never seen before. I started to think; one burger doesn’t do any harm, and since I ate the burger I might as well eat dessert – and it didn’t end there. The habits stayed with me and I still eat everything I want and a lot of it. So I’m almost back where I started.

I’m constantly tired and I’ve been very moody for the last month. I guess I’ve become a little too comfy lately. So this weekend I decided to make a change. A total lifestyle change and go back to where I was one year ago! I know it will take a lot of motivation and strength. I know it will be hard and some days I’ll feel like giving up – but this time I won’t! Cuz in the back of my head I know it’s worth it. I’ll be feeling a lot better.

I can’t say that what I do is the right way to eat or exercise. This is how I do it and I feel that this is the right way for me. We’re all different and everybody needs to find there own way. Therefore it’s not certain that this is a good lifestyle for you. We all need to find a way that suits our everyday life and a lifestyle you can enjoy for being able to follow it for the rest of your life.

My daily routine consists of 4 to 5 meals (it totally depends on what and when I eat). I have a rule that says eat every three to four hours, and this works well for me. Another rule I follow is that you should take the last meal of the day at least two hours before you go to sleep to burn most of this before bedtime.

Some days I might be a bit hungry in between if I don’t eat enough at one meal. It is therefore important that you eat enough, so you do not go hungry during the hours between each meal. It’s often easier to stick to a diet if you make a weekly schedule of when and what to eat. A good tip is that you should never go hungry to the store. This can make you buy more than you should or wanting to buy everything you see on the shelves.

A normal day for me looks like this:
BREAKFAST: A toast with toppings + a kiwi 
 / 2 eggs with tomato beans
LUNCH: Protein smoothie / 2 eggs / omelet 

DINNER: Chicken, fish, salads, omelets, etc. 

SNACK: Fruit or yogurt 

EVENING: Protein smoothie / yoghurt / omelet

This may be very small for some or even too much for someone else, but for me this is perfect. I stay away from potatoes, rice, bread, and anything that contains flour. I don’t have sauce or dressing on my food. The dinners consists of only pure meat with vegetables, an omelet with vegetables or chicken salad, etc.

But again, we’re all different, so this may be completely wrong for you! It’s all about finding a way you’ll be able to enjoy. We only live ones, so it’s important to enjoy it and live the way you want to live. So I have one or two days a week where I allow myself to eat whatever I’ve been craving that week. Then I allowed to eat chocolate, eat out on restaurants ect.

I don’t think I would have managed to keep this strict diet without those cheat days. Without – it had become too boring and too dry for me. I guess there’s people out there who’s able to live without cheating or eating any suger or bad carbs, but I won’t go through my life without being able to enjoy it once in awhile.

I hope by sharing this post you’ll be able to find your own way and that you got some of the answers you wanted. I’ll be doing a post about my workout later on.

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