are the only thing you can fall back on, and even those fade away within a period of time.

To loose a friend is sad, a person you always thought would be there, as they promised, are no longer a part of your journey called life – but a part of your thoughts and the memories you once made. It’s so sad and weird that some persons can slip that much apart and not even be able to look into each others eyes when they pass each other on the street. Not even a smile.

Maybe you were best friends one year, good friends the year after, later on you turned into friends and after a while you pass each other looking down at the ground. What really happened? I guess nobody knows, but maybe someone has a good reason for acting like that. Things change. Persons grow apart – but it’s still a sad situation.

You could laugh and talk for hours. You spent every day together – every possible minute. Suddenly it all changed. You stopped talking. Stopped hanging out as much as you used to. You couldn’t  look the other person in the eyes. Not even give a single smile. It feels like you never really knew the person.

Lately I’ve been doing great, so why do you finally decide to talk? Why is it that you suddenly want to be my friend? You saw me when I was hurting, but you just went straight ahead. Without a word. Now when I have moved on with my life, you are there to be with me, talk to me – like nothing ever happened. I can now see the big contrast between child and adult. It’s so much more to do. Understand. It’s no longer just a play. It’s no longer just laugh or cry. It’s something more. Something way different from when we were kids – running around.

Understanding. Opinions. Meanings. Things our parents protected and hid us from when we were little is now a part of everyday life. The wall that separated the truth and dreams are now torn apart. I understand why people miss their childhood. Everything was easier then..

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