I’m Feeling

.. GREAT! I just got home from my first run since august because of my sickness and lazyness, and I can’t describe the feeling. I guess the motivation is back, I ran 12 km with only two breaks. For someone like me – who has been laying in bed for over 2 weeks eating fastfood and ice cream – it was sooooo good to finally work out a little.

It’s so freaking cold outside at the moment, the fall has officially begun. Gaaah, I miss summer and sun already. Now I’m going to take a hothot shower, since I’m ice cold after not wearing warm enough clothes , as usual – I never learn! And later on I’m going to enjoy a protein smoothie and some tv before bed.

Have a lovely evening guys!

My Canon battery is dead – and I’ve managed to forget the charger in NY – so I’ll have to buy a new one – but until then you’ll have to live with bad quality pictures..

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