Finally Home

Hi lovelies! I’m sorry for my not posting anything from my holiday at Cyprus, but the internet at the hotel we stayed at where crappy, so I couldn’t use my computer. I’m finally home, so I’ll blog as usual from now on.

I had an awesome week in Ayia Napa with my bestie containing a lot of alcohol and fast-food that show a result of a couple of extra kilos.. YEY! But that’s what holidays should be like, right? Even if I really miss the city, nightlife and all the people, it’s so GOOD to be home. The holiday gave me lots of memories and made me two tattoos richer – I’ll show you guys tomorrow!

I really have to get back on track, put the lazy non-working girl behind me, and start fresh – or shall I say – start being a new and better me?! I’m laying in my bed totally exhausted and have to get some beauty-sleep as they call it now a days. Nighty!

Click here to visit my norwegian blog.

One thought on “Finally Home

  1. I hope you’ll continue your blog here because I won’t understand your Norwegian blog and I like reading you 🙂
    Bye bye xxx

    Mallory (from Ef)

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