Follow Your Dreams..

.. and that is exactly what I’m doing. At this moment  I’m sitting in my bed surrounded by boxes, piles of clothes and a BIG mess. I’m moving again, but this time not so far as the U.S. , next stop – Oslo. I have now realized how much  stuff I’ve got lying around that really takes a lot of space, stuff I don’t even need. I guess I’ve tossed at least three big bags filled with old stuff like school books from 1.grade ++. Since I’m moving it was about time to have a proper cleanup, because I can’t bring all that crap with me.

I’ve been quite a collector in my younger days. I have to laugh – can’t believe I’ve been taking care of all that stuff. I feel like one of those addicted collectors you watch on tv, those who refuse to toss anything away. I found over 1000 receipts, plane & movie tickets dated in 2005. I even found my teddybears and two barbies hidden in the back of my closet. Haha – the cleanup was about time!

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