Inspiration & Portfolio


Here are some fashion sketches from one of the books I bought in New York. I really love this book because it shows different styles of drawing, ways to design and how to make a good layout.

I’ve just finished my portfolio with over 40 different outfits, and I’m really satisfied with every look. Can’t wait to work in photoshop, choose fabrics and compose the layouts. I’m really happy and excited for what’s next. I’ve a plan, or  actually many, but where to begin – gonna be an adventure in it’s own.

I’ll post some of my newest designs tomorrow, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration & Portfolio

  1. Utrolig søt blogg, håper at det går framover med designdrømmen! Har egentlig samme drømmen selv, men er en lang vei å gå!

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