Q&A – Spørsmålsrunde

Since a lot of you’ve asked me if I can have a Q&A or “spørsmålsrunde“, I’ve decided to have one now. Just ask me any question you want and I’ll try to answer all of them as good as possible. You can ask me question until friday and I’ll  post all the answers by friday evening. So if there is something you want to ask me about, here’s your chance.

Have a good one!

4 thoughts on “Q&A – Spørsmålsrunde

  1. Hvordan var livet i new york ?
    Har du planer om å reise tilbake?
    har du noen treningtips?
    hva er ditt favoritt klesmerke/butikk?
    Hva skal du gjøre til høsten?

  2. Hva er dine 10 favoritt klesmerker?
    Er du lykkelig?
    Hvordan ser du på livet ditt?
    Hvor ser du deg selv om 10 år?
    Hva vil du bli?

    loves your blog, xoxx

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