Our Ten Hour Trip To IKEA

Our trip yesterday didn’t go as planned. Instead of going to IKEA in Brooklyn, we decided to go to the one nearby (or at least we thought it was) but it turned out to be way longer with public transport. It took us ten hours from we left campus until we where back. It all started with a nice bus tour to a place called Spring Valley where we thought there would be a transfer to IKEA, but it turned out to be the final destination (lucky us) so after an hour with confusion, we jumped on a train without knowing where to go next. We ended up in a small town where there where no buses or cabs, so when a guy suggested to give us a ride for 25 dollars, we had no other choice than to say yes.

After three hours we finally got to IKEA well and safe, and the first thing we did was to eat swedish meatballs and smoked salmon. Jummy! I bought a lot of stuff I needed for my room, and of course I had to buy “Ballerina” cookies and some scandinavian chocolate. You can only imagine how much stress we had to go through to figure out a way back home. No wonder I’ve been totally exhausted today; doing absolutely nothing!

My assistant had to carry the rug from NJ – Manhattan – Westchester.
Poor you, darling!

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