Breakfast In Bed

Good morning, sunshines. Or morning was probably a little late, but I’m still in bed. And believe me, I’ll lay here a little more before I even consider to go somewhere. It’s raining outside, so the thought of walking around compared to be lazy in bed didn’t make it that high on my to-do list at the moment. But before you think I’m a totally bum, I’ve actually been a little trip outside, or the truth; out on the balcony to watch the weather. Ha-ha. I had my beautiful PJs on (I’m sorry if you’re one of those who had to see that.) And for all you who missed it, here you go;

2 thoughts on “Breakfast In Bed

  1. hvor har du kjøpt skoen og buksen? digger bloggen din, må lese den så ofte så muligt 🙂

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