I guess you all know that America is the country with most obese people in the whole world?! Over 60 % of the population are obese and the number will keep growing if people don’t make a change in their life. Everywhere I go there is unhealthy food. On every corner in the city. It’s hard to resist when it’s so much easier to buy crap instead of paying a lot or prepare it yourself. Maybe you’re just like me, and have a big problem resisting desserts and chocolate? Don’t fear, it’s possible to change. It’s never to late.

Before I moved to New York, I had a healthy lifestyle and worked out every single day. Suddenly I started to eat fast food like never before and stopped working out because the food made me to tired and exhausted. I’ve gain weight and I don’t like what it all does to my body; I’m always tired and I don’t sleep well. So now I’ve decided to make a change. Change my lifestyle completely. From now on, it’s goodbye to sugar and fast food. I’m starting with the “south beach diet” from tomorrow on (this is also the diet I tried out last time for those who asked). I’ll keep you guys posted on what I eat and if I notice any difference week after week.

This is not something I recommend or advise you to do. This is something I do for myself and myself only, to feel better and great about myself. I just think my blog will keep my motivated to stick the diet and exercising and maybe motivate other people to know that it’s possible to change their lifestyle and be more active.

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