Guess what? I’m still awake and I can honestly tell you guys that it is a miracle. I have been tired for almost the whole day (even with my coffee abuse) but I was able to force my eyes to stay open, and so far – so good.

I’m staying at my dear friend Celine and her boyfriend for a night and earlier today we went to the centre of Oslo to grab something to eat and afterwards we went to a tanning studio called SunPoint. It’s definitely one of my favorite tanning studios and I actually managed to get some tan for New Years eve. Finally some vitamin D. The winter time is too cold and depressing, so I guess we all need to spoil ourselves in some ways.

Right now we’re sitting in the living room talking, watching some videos with some glass of wine. It has been a very cosy day so far and hopefully I’ll manage to fall a sleep tonight, but surprisingly – I’m not tired anymore (unlucky for me)…

How will this end..?! Have a great evening guys!

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