After the exhibition yesterday I met V and we went to have dinner at Hard Rock Café since we had not been eating there before because there’s always a long line. Yesterday there was no line since we were kind of early. The american lifestyle is starting to catch up with me, I guess. It has been two weeks since I last ran at the gym, because I’ve been sick and out of any power to do anything. I think all the “fast food” and the weather is the reason for all those lazy days without any energy. I always used to have a lot of energy and feel great when I had a healthy lifestyle without any sugar. So today I did myself a huge favor and went to workout for almost two hours. No more lazy days or eating crappy food everyday. It’s not good for either my body or wellness. I have proof.

Yesterday we also went to the norwegian seamen’s church to help them to get the christmas fair ready. We did make price tags on all the things and decorated. I really love the people at the church. They’re so kind and always happy to see you. In the brake we ate the famous waffles and had a great time. So if you’re in New York this weekend I will recommend you to take a trip to the church to attend the fair. There is a lot of things to buy and a lot of norwegian food for sale. It will also be served “risgrøt” and other norwegian food, so I’m really looking forward to this nice weekend. As you know, I love christmas, so I will have a great time between a lot of santa claus/christmas decoration. Maybe I’ll see you there?!

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