.. Because look what I did got in the mail today..

The one thing I’ve been missing the most about not living in Norway are the food and the tub water, so this package from my grandmother really did get my day in such a good mood. I couldn’t help my self, so call me crazy if you want, but I have already ate one whole “stratos” all by my self. Back home that is my favorite chocolate and I have really really missed it, so no wonder it disappeared in a short amount of time.

I can’t wait to go back home for christmas to eat healthy, good tasting food. Here the food contains a lot of calories and fat whatever you’re having. If you’re going on a restaurant to eat they sometimes has the amount of calories written in the menu, and it’s crazy how much there actually is. It’s hard to go out to grab something to eat that contains under 1000 calories, not even the salads or the appetizer. I don’t understand how it’s possible, but it sure is. You really have to be strong to live here without gaining some weight. So I’m starting on a detox from tomorrow on. Wish me good luck!


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