..I was going to spend my whole day at this beautiful place called Bryant Park.

But when I finally made it inside the rink and got my figure-skates on, after standing on line for a long time, there were too much people on the ice. I wasn’t able to do any spins or jumps at all, and I did get the feeling of walking down 5th avenue at a Saturday, groups of people almost not moving at all . There were kids skating everywhere without any control of were to go or what to do and even adults. So I skated for almost 30 minutes before I had to get off, too crowded, but I guess there was so many people because it’s the only free ice rink in New York. What I really loved was the concept of a free rink and all the small shops in the park. You can skate, shop some cute things or grab something to eat at a café or restaurant and watch people skating and enjoy the night. This is a good way to spend one of your New York afternoon or evening.

You will find Bryant Park at 5th avenue and 42nd street. Enjoy!

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