Today the weather is cold and way too windy. You can almost not walk outside, or at least I can’t. I’m tired of freezing and constantly getting a 2-day flu every week, so now I really consider to take a damn flu shot. I’m sick of having a swollen throat and a fever that come and go faster than a train. I’ve been sick for over two weeks now and I can’t be more absent from the school because I already have a lot of catching up to do this week.

Today was not a good day at school, I was struggling to keep my eyes open in some moments because the fever woke me up three times last night. What a cliché! I’m sorry for complaining about everything today, but I can’t get use to this sickness trend every week.

Back home it’s not THIS cold, or in the winter of course, but it feels so much colder here. So I guess this is goodbye to all the hot, sunny days and walking around without a winter coat.

The season has definitely changed and I have a serious need for warmer clothes! I felt that I did bring a lot of my clothes with me to the United States before departure, but I didn’t really bring much clothes at all. So I’ll have a big problem when the winter hits the city, since I’m already freezing. The thickest pair of pants I’ve got is tights and two pair of thin denim jeans that is too big. Yey!

For the rest of this day I will not do anything, except watching some movies and eat a lot of vitamins. I hope to feel better by tonight, so I’ll get a good night with sleep. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “FREEZING TO ICE

  1. Ah, har så lyst å lære å tegne skisser og lage mønstre… her blir det mest klipp og lim. Endre litt her, endre litt der…

    1. Det er da bare til å starte det Astrid 🙂 Tror du vil bli utrolig flink etterhvert! Alle må begynne et sted 🙂 Du kan feks. starte med å prøve å tegne av modeller i blader ved bruk av frihånd, dette er øvelser vi til og med gjør her, så du blir utrolig mye bedre av det 🙂

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