I had school until 5, so today I’ve been doing absolutely nothing, or we went for a walk to Tarrytown and grabbed something to eat. Where? On the italian restaurant. Surprised? I didn’t thought so. Lately I’ve been having big cravings for grilled salmon with spinach (three times already in under one week) which is a good thing, but I don’t think my wallet fully agree with me since it’s always a lot more than everything else on the menu. One of the things I don’t like about the U.S. is that you usually have to pay a lot more for the healthy food compered to what we call “junk” food. You can get really big pizzas and burgers with fries for under 10 dollars, but if you want fish or chicken you have to be willing to pay the double amount or even more. It sucks big time, because you sometimes will have to go for the cheapest alternative and it’s not fun to use all your money on food. Especially when you’re living in New York with all the good fashion stores..

But now we’re going to watch the latest episode of Gossip Girl and eat some crap.
Have a great evening, xoxo..