I’m sorry I didn’t post anything on my blog before now, but I’ve been staying at Manhattan this weekend, so I didn’t wanted to carry my Macbook around. Now I’m back at campus after two lovely days in the city. Yesterday we went to eat at a Italian restaurant were I finally got to eat some fish. I ordered a Scandinavian Salmon with spinach and it was GREAT! Later on I couldn’t resist the brownie at Planet Hollywood (as usual) so I got it. Bad. Bad. But it was a good way of end the evening.

Today I met V to do a little shopping. We ended up walking in the city for hours in every store that looked tempting, but I only bought a cute dress at Topshop (I’ll show you tomorrow) and spent the rest of my money on crap. We went to see Ground Zero and later on we took a bit to eat at my new favorite restaurant at Manhattan, a spanish place in West Village. Paella was of course our main course. After the dinner we went to the movies like we always do in the weekends. Can you guess which movie we saw? I can tell that I was quite disappointed about the movie, because the trailer did seem so much scarier, and the end was just stupid.

We ended the evening with our usual oreo ice cream, so now I really have to stop! I’m spending way too much money on food or I should call it; crap I don’t need. It’s disgusting. I never ate anything with sugar back home, and now thats almost the only thing I put into my mouth, which only means one thing; I have to pull it together! I don’t feel like I HAVE to eat it, I just do because it looks good. I wont get anything from it, except a unhealthy and tired body. From tomorrow I’ll start my seriously fitness training for a fit and strong body, like the one I’ve always dreamt of.

But my eyes are to tired to write anything else, so I guess this is good night. I’ll post all the answers for my Q&A (spørsmålsrunde) when I wake up, so you still got some time to ask questions. Nighty!