Today a lot of people from the school went to the Palisades shopping center to get what they needed to their rooms. The school had arranged the “famous” yellow school buses to come and pick us up.

Vilje and I bought a hot pot, a lot of clothing hangers and some basic stuff. I also bought a fitness mat so I’ll start my abs training tomorrow. It will be so great to finally get back on my regular training routines I had back home in Bergen.

I also got my schedule today. I have some long days ahead of me this year. Tomorrow and on Tuesday I have classes until 4.50 pm, but I guess I’ll get use to it. I hope we don’t get way to much homework. What I’m really looking forward to this year are the internship. I’m not sure when and where it will be yet, but the thought of working with fashion and design in real life with professional people is way to good.

The subjects I’m taking;

– Advanced General English
– Photography Workshop
– Fashion Drawing
– Fashion Fundamentals
– Apparel Construction
– Computerized Fashion Design
– Self Study

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