What I really love about this school is that the homework always are about doing something I love do. Like drawing some sketches, get inspiration to make a collection and everything else about fashion designing. I’m living my dream, and I love every minute of it. Tomorrows homework for “Fashion Drawing” is to design two dresses, two skirts, two blouses and three body drawings. In “Fashion Fundamentals” we have to start on our mood-board for our spring collection.

So now I’m sitting, looking in magazines to find some inspirational pictures to have on my board. I think I’ve never been so happy and exited for going to school everyday as I’m these days. You can’t call it school, or some lessons like general english and all the testes. But not the lessons about fashion. That’s way I love it here and now I know what I really want to do in and with my life. Later tonight I think V and I are going down to Tarrytown to grab something to eat or just order inn. Until next time, expect the unexpected!