So today V and I went to the Palisades Mall to do some shopping. I found a lot of things, as usual, but I can’t afford to go around spending my money on clothes all the time, even if I want it so bad. Back home I always did a lot of shopping and didn’t think about what I was spending my money on, but here I have to be a bit “smarter“. In NY there are so many things to do, but almost nothing is free. So to do all the stuff I want to do here in this lovely city I have to choose what to spend my money on. I’m going to live here for a long time, so I get plenty of time to shop for clothes later on. We ate on Taco Bell for the first time, and it was actually quite good. I bought a healthy diet taco with chicken. We did walk around at the mall for almost four hours, the time really flies by when we’re busy looking and trying on everything that catches our eyes.

Bought this shirt from Ralph Lauren.

And I finally found them again, fat reduced Oreos for the weekend.
Just hope they will last in my draw until then…  I’ll do my best!