Now we have thanksgiving break from school until monday and there’s a lot happening in the city these few days. V & I decided to rent an apartment at Manhattan for the holiday. So we have enjoyed a day just laying in a “real” bed watching television, since we don’t have a tv at our dorm this is pretty much like heaven on earth. I have to admit that I almost cried when I saw the kitchen (Yes, I’m kind of weird). I really miss to cook my own food and for breakfast tomorrow I going to make eggs and beans in tomato saus. Jummy! Couldn’t be more happy, and yes, I’m serious.

We have to get up early in the morning to watch the Macy´s thanksgiving parade. I’m told there is going to be almost three million people in the streets so we have to be there early to be able to see anything. It’s on of the biggest happenings on Manhattan, so I’m really looking forward to see it. We are not having a typical thanksgiving dinner like turkey or mac&cheese, instead we decided that we are going to make real thick american pancakes. Yey! But now I have to catch some sleep since we have to get up in a couple of hours.