Sporty And A Year Older

Evening guys! I’m sorry for bad blogging today, but I’ve been kind of busy, doing everything and nothing at the same time! When I woke up there where no power at campus (that means no internet) so I went for a walk in the sunny weather instead of being lazy inside. Afterwards I went to the gym and worked out for two hours. You wonder whats happening to me? Honestly, I have no clue! I woke up with so much energy, and I have no idea where it came from, lucky me.

Since it’s already my birthday in Norway, I’ve spent some hours thanking everyone, and I’m almost finished with my packing. The cab is picking me up in like 6 hours, so I’ll have to drink a cup of coffee or ten.. There will be now sleep for me tonight, because I don’t trust myself when it comes to getting up early! But I’ll have to continue now, so I guess I see you in LA!