After the fair V & I went to IKEA and did absolutely nothing. We were actually suppose to eat dinner there, since we miss scandinavian food, but that never happened. We just walked around listening to the music and looked at all the new stuff they had got. After awhile we went back to the city to shop for christmas presents, but we decided rather to do it next weekend because then it’s black Friday. That means sale and great buys in every store. Can’t wait! In the end we did a PH & HP, which means Planet Hollywood and Harry Potter.

Luckily the people had started to calmed down, so there wasn’t hundred of people on line for tickets. I enjoyed the movie and looking forward to part two. Dumb as always, we forgot to look at the time for when it was finished, so suddenly we had 20 minutes to get from the theater to Grand Central to catch the last train. After stress, slow subways and a lot of running we made it two minutes before departure, totally exhausted.