Today I went for the first time to the Norwegian Seamen’s church here in New York. Once a month they have meetings for young norwegians who are studying or living in the city. Today there was norwegian meatballs (“kjøttkaker“) and waffles on the menu. It was so great to eat some real norwegian food again, although I have only been here for almost two weeks, I miss the food a lot. At the school they only serve like really american fast food and it doesn’t taste good at all. You can see the fat sparkle and it doesn’t look good, so I don’t eat at the cafeteria. I rather spend my money on some healthy food.

This weekend it has been a lot of fast food, dining out and no training. And it has to stop! Before I left Norway I had a perfect training schedule and a healthy diet. I had almost reached my goal and when I got here I just fell off. So from tomorrow on I will try my best to stick to my plans and reach my goal. It is so hard when you living in a city where they have so much good cupcakes and food at every corner. So the easiest way is to choose the unhealthy way of living because its everywhere and so cheap. But now I really have to sleep, have to get early up for school tomorrow, but luckily I only got english because my photography teacher is having a release party for his new book coming out so we got the day off to come, if we wanted to. Im thinking of going. Nighty.