People have been decorating their houses  here in NY since the beginning of October, just for this weekend, the Halloween Weekend. It’s a lot of things happening; many parades and things to do especially for Halloween. I think it’s a little weird that people go all crazy for this event, and some even spend a lot of money on their costumes. In Norway we don’t celebrate Halloween, or some may do, but it’s not a big happening. Today all the teachers wore costumes and even some of the students. The school has a costume competition every halloween were you can vote for the best-dressed. You can really find every single costume you can think of in your imagination at the stores. They have everything. Some people here, told me they had found a “shower-costume”, so the people here actually dresses up pretty much as everything. I can’t wait to see all the crazy costumes that people will wear in the parade at Manhattan this weekend. I promise to take a lot of pictures for you guys.

Now I’m going to the gym and I have no idea what I’ll do later on, but right now I feel like crap. I’ve been sick for days, so I hope some running will help on my mood and wellness..