Yesterdays Outfit

Yesterday we went to Manhattan to enjoy the sunny Saturday. We ate dinner in the West Village on a Mexican restaurant, and the burritos was too good. First I though; Wow, thats a lot of food. But I actually did ate the whole plate and dessert. Ups!

Then we went to see “Wall Street” in a movie theater on Times Square. I understand now why people enjoying going to the movies here. The seats were incredibly soft and you could pull the chairs backwards. On our way back to the train station, we purchased a VIP ticket to a comedy show because the guy wouldn’t stop trying to sell us the tickets. But we got it for 10 dollar each so we went to the club and had a great time laughing. Some of the comedians were not that good, but some of them rocked! The show lasted for over two hours so we were totally exhausted on the way back home.