Today I went to the dentist to check on my front tooth. As many of you guys know I fell on the ice during iceskating 4 months ago. The tooth broke in two pieces and they had to glue it together. I have had some weird feelings in the tooth for some days now, so I had to go check it out. I’ve had dentist fear my whole life and was very nervous since I’ve never been to an american dentist before, and I don’t know exactly how to explain every single word. But it went VERY well. The dentists here are so much more comfortable and I actually enjoyed every minute of it. Instead of the hard regular dentist chair, they have like a stressless chair. It’s soft and pleasant to sit in. They played low relaxable music in the background and I even got a back massage while laying in the chair. HOW NICE IS THAT? I really felt like I went to a spa and not to a dentist, so my fear of dentists are hereby over.