I’m sorry for my dissapearence these two days, but there was some change in the plans yesterday. V and I were suppose to go to Manhattan to do a little shopping with some norwegian friends visiting this week, and later on the plan was to watch the halloween parade, but that ofcourse never happend. We didn’t make it to the parade at all.

After some hours with shopping we grabbed something to eat at “Planet Hollywood”. Yes, I know I’m obsessed with the place, but they had to try it. And guess what? They loved it! When the plates was empty and the dessert on the way down to the stomach we suddenly realised that the parade had already started, so we went to a little halloween party instead. There we met a lot of other norwegians and we had a great time. The clock was ticking and before we knew it, it was well past midnight. We decided to stay in Manhattan because the train are to the point quite boring and the thought of a night in a good bed compared to the beds we have at campus made the choice very simple.

I can pretty much tell you that I had my first real “american breakfast” today. After a long night with just a few hours of sleep (because of a certain person waked me up too early) we went starved to Friday’s. We had burgers to breakfast and some of the guys even ordered two (thats the way to go) and we finished up with dessert. The guys were doing a “monday marathon” which means drinking the whole day through. So we went from Friday’s to Hard Rock Café were they ordered some more drinks. After a while some of us went back to the hotel to sleep some more, while the others continued their marathon. I will never understand how they are capable to do that, I guess I would have died. I was totally tired the whole day through and I still am, so now I’ve a lot of hours with sleep to catch up.

Freaky, freaky, freaky like me….

Haha, I’m doing my “kind of” scared face.. Can you see the fear in my eyes?