Hello my dear readers! I’m sorry for not posting that many updates this last week, but I have been very busy. The school is taking a lot of my time and I have classes until 5 pm three times a week. After the school is finished I have to do all the homework and I usually go to the gym after that. Then maybe even some more homework before I go to bed at 1 am. So I’ve been kind of busy. I really want great grades and learn as much as possible while I’m here so I really have put my heart in it. But I will try to blog a little more in time, but as I’ve said before, I don’t like to write everything I do everyday if it’s not interesting for you to read.  Do you agree?

Today I had my first test in General English. I think it went well, at least I hope it did. I went to the gym after that and ran for 50 minutes and burned 620 calories. Yey! So todays workout went really great. I had my Internship Preparation classes after the training session, so now I have begun to search for interesting internship places. There are so many places to choose from in the fashion business here in New York, and I’ve really found some good opportunities. Can’t wait until we are going to work after christmas. I’m soon going to Manhattan to enjoy a friday evening in the city that doesn’t sleep. So I need to get ready. Wishing you all a great day/night!