My morning has been very good so far. I only had two english lessons this morning, so no more school today. I have just finished my Abs training and my protein shake. Finally got to do some training again, it feels great. I will try my best to continue on this healthy lifestyle here in America, because yesterday I learned some shocking news. If people continue to eat and prepare food like they do now, almost 100 % of the America’s population will be obese in the year of 2050. In my case, I think people can choose their lifestyle. You can choose the healthy way or the unhealthy way of living, but you will have a choice. You are what you eat. So way do people choose the other way? I’ve been there. Ate a lot of crap and slept almost all time, because I had no energy to do anything. And now I can’t even imagine going back there, never.

So now I’m going to the town to buy some fruit and post some postcards to my family back home. Later tonight I have this Launch party thing on Manhattan for my photography teacher’s new book coming out next week. Guess it will be fun!

Wishing you all a pleasant day!