After a walk in Central Park, we went to Soho to do some window shopping. I actually managed to spend a lot more money then I was supposed to do, but mostely on food. Yey! We ate in Little Italy and of course my choice was bolognesa (as always). I dont know why, but I have had a big craving for italian food this week. I have to disappoint you guys now; I ate the Dobble Fudge Brownie on Planet Hollywood this weekend too. It’s to good to be true, so I just can’t resist (unluckely for me). Next up: the movie theater, we watched “The Social Network”, the film about facebook for those who didn’t know. I think the movie were pretty good and I had a great evening, until..

The train ride back home. I was about to fall asleep when I suddenly heard someone shouted and cursed very loud. When I tried to see what was going on, suddenly someone started to fight. People were screaming and running back in the train and when I saw in front of me I saw a lot of blood on the floor and even on some of the people. One of the guys had a knife and stabbed himself in the fight, when he was trying to stab the other guy. The train stopped, and we had to wait at least 30 minutes for the police to secure the scene and everyone had to move to another wagon. They had to search the whole train for the guy, but he was nowhere to be found. So my evening when from good to a little more scarier. I got home safe, a little later than planned so I’m really tired. Nighty!

The best dessert in the whole world..


US time; 4.31 am