A Day At The Upper East Side

Spotted – Grand Central: This is where it all begins. Or ends.
Where S returned from boarding school, where B headed to Yale,
and where D and S struck up an unlikely romance.”

Today V and I went to Manhattan to walk around and do some window shopping. But as always, I manage to spend a lot of money today as well. I’m such a sucker when it comes to shopping. After we had walked around for a bit, we decided to check out some of the “Gossip Girl hot-spots” at the Upper East Side. We went to see the New York Palace where the Van der Woodsen lives. If you watch the series you’ve probably seen both Nate and Dan waiting outside for Serena.

We had lunch in a very nice restaurant at the Upper East, known as “The social scene for lunch” in New York. This place is where Avery Carlyle began her ascent to reign as Queen Bee of Constance Billard. The food and service was amazing. This restaurant is definitely my favorite place to eat in the city. And of course we had to finish up with a trip to Barney’s ; heaven for all shopaholics.